More than pretty pictures.

Information design and clear communications is our priority. We want your information to be easy to read and understand.


With this in mind we want to show you some examples of how we approach design and the kind of thinking that is done in developing your documents.

Below are a number of our favourite projects.

Click on the first image in each project and you will go to a slide show format.

Joggin Fossil Cliffs

A book that journeys through time telling the story of the Joggins fossil cliffs.

Responsibilities: design, illustration selection, illustration

Joggins Fossil Cliffs cover
interior spread
interior spread
illustration use
Off-highway Vehicles Riders Handbook

Nova Scotia handbook for off-highway vehicle riders. We are also currently working on the Nova Scotia Drivers Handbook.

Responsibilities: design, illustration

page layout
rules and regulations

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Let's be clear

As well as previous riders, the book was also directed towards first time riders. This included youngsters as young as 6 years old. The material was approached simply and clearly to communicate to young children as well as adults who may be reading it to children who did not read yet. The illustrations reflected the colourful palette and were simple and didactic.